Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam

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Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam removes impurities, dirt, and excess oil without stripping the skin's natural moisture barrier. Indulge in the benefits of carefully selected natural ingredients. Provides you with the feeling of clean, fresh, and revitalized skin after every use.


  • Suitable for sensitive, combination, and dry skin.

  • Eccocert Certified: Mild surfactants, plant extract and moisturizing ingredients.  

  • >99% Natural Origin


Key Ingredients:


Natural moisture magnet forms a protective barrier over skin to provide long-lasting hydration.

  Aloe Vera

Rich in amino acids, soothes the skin and provides intensive moisture

  Vegetable Glycerin

Natural moisturizing ingredient, leaving skin hydrated with no dry or tight feeling after cleansing. 


The Scent (Essential Oils): 


Size: 150ml / 5.07 fl.oz  

How to use ORIEN’T Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam:

  1. Wash your hand with soap to remove dirt, bacteria and other residue.
  2. Wet your face with lukewarm water to open pores.
  3. Pump the top of the Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam 3 times.
  4. Apply cleansing foam using your fingertips and massage your face in a circular motion, focusing most of your time on the T-zone, the jawline and the hairline.
  5. Rinse with lukewarm water thoroughly and check if there's still foam on your face, especially on nose, eye socket, jawline and hairline.
  6. Pat dry with tissue or clean towel, make sure not to rub as this can irritate skin.


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