Pomade & Sea Salt Bundle

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Bundle includes:

Sea Salt Spray 350ml + Pomade 100ml (Clay / Classic / Texture Paste / Texture Clay / Styling Paste)  


Sea Salt Spray provides volume and texture to your hair. The gentle formula includes aloe vera, delivers rich nutrients and restores hair’s moisture balance. Perfect product as a pre-styler and heat protectant.


Key Ingredients

  Sea Salt – Adding thickness and volume to hair

  Hydrolyzed Adansonia Digitata Seed Extract – Prevent further damage caused by heat stress.

  Sea Scalp - Reduce scalp sebum production

  Botanical complex - reduce scalp irritation.

  Aloe Vera  - Restore hair’s natural moisture balance.




  Top Notes – Bright and refreshing blend of peppermint essential oil, with a soft touch of palmarosa.

  Base Notes – Petitgrain, a greenish woody smell, with a slightly bitter scent of citrus fruit, promotes relaxation and alleviates stress.


Usage: Apply evenly on damp or dry hair . Lift the hair from the roots and blow-dry in the opposite direction of the hair to increase volume. Blow dry and apply a styling product to increase hold.